Investing in Our Community

Beginning in 2006, Alderwood Little League Board of Directors established three guiding principles for our league.

Invest in our Players and Volunteers to ensure the right volunteers have the right resources to work effectively with our children and their families to meet our Mission as a Program.

Invest in our Facilities and Equipment to ensure our players and families have the best and safe facilities and equipment.

Invest in our Community by building strong, positive relationships wit our community partners, vendors, and sponsors.

These principles have guideded our program since 2006.

Accomplishments since 2006

Built strong relationships with Partners, vendors, and Sponsors

Restored strong, working relationship with the City of Lynnwood

Developed a collabroative relationship with the Boys & Girls Club

Restored a strong working relationship with the Edmonds School District

New Sponsors for our league secured

Evaluated vendors improving relationships to the benefit of our program