Changing Teams

Only in extreme cases does the league allow players to switch teams after the teams have been formed. Such requests must be made in writing to the Player Agent for consideration. Approval requires extenuating circumstances, so any request is highly unlikely to be approved, and in most cases we will ask the player to remain with their team.

Team Placement for T-ball and Minor Levels of Play

During the Registration process for players in minors and below (except AAA Baseball), players may provide ONE request for team placement such as:

  1. Manager request
  2. Team mate request
  3. Return to team of prior team season

Requests will be considered in the order of registration. Players who do not specify a request, will be placed by school or neighborhood location, as space permits on a team.

AAA Baseball

Team placement requests will not be accepted for AAA Baseball, players will be placed on teams via a blind draft. Further information on the blind draft can be found on the AAA Baseball page.

Major Division & Above

In Majors, Intermediate, and Juniors, there are absolutely no requests due to player selection process of the draft. The upper division teams are created by using a balanced draft process that helps promote even and completive teams.

Playing Up or Down a Level

Players must play in the division as designated by their league age. Division alignment considers the player skills, safety awareness, development, and experience of the players participating in our program such that each level of play is designed for the participating players' age(s). Alderwood Little League does not allow players to play up or down a division.

If safety concerns exist for a player, parents should discuss the concerns with their team manager. The Player Agent or Safety Officer are available resources for promoting success and safety of the player's experience.

For players with a physical disability which may limit a player's ability to participate in the traditional baseball or softball program, may consider the Challenger program.

League Age 6 Year Olds with Experience

Little League permits league age 6 year olds who have completed one year of play in Little League T-Ball Division to play in the Rookie Baseball or Softball* level of play. Players who qualify for this option should register in the Rookie level of play. Players who participated in another program for their T-Ball season will be required to provide proof of participation, including the league/program name.