Investing in Alderwood Players & Volunteers

Beginning in 2006, Alderwood Little Leauge Board of Directors established three guiding principles for our league.

Invest in our Players and Volunteers to ensure the right volunteers have the right resources to work effectively with our children and their families to meet our Mission as a Program.

Invest in our Facilities and Equipment to ensure our players and families have the best and safe facilities and equipment.

Invest in our Community by building strong, positive relationships wit our community partners, vendors, and sponsors.

These principles have guideded our program since 2006.

Investing in Our Volunteers: Accomplishments since 2006

Coaches Committee was formed, comprised of Board Members and Coaches from our program. Since 2006, the Coaches Commitee has:

  • Developed protocol for interviewing coaches in the Majors and Upper Divisions of play
  • Developed a set of standards, or "Building Block Approach" to teaching the fundamentals of baseball and softbal
  • Provides annual Coaches Training, open to all managers, coaches, practice helpers and parents held in early March.
  • Annually evaluates and recommends changes to House Rules adopted by the Board of Directors (visit "About Our Program" - "Local Rules" to view rules by division.)
  • Introduced Winter Players Cinics which are free to participants and occur annually in January
  • Introduced Softball pitching clinics for our players
  • Revamped the Fall Ball program. Fall Ball began to include player clinics. Alderwood was the first to provide softball Fall Ball in District 1. Participation in Fall Ball was over 100 players for two consecutive years.

Introduced nationwide background checks and ID badges which provide a safe enviroment to our players and families.

Revamped our website with more current information. And, in 2011, introduced a new website with online registration. This improved access to our registration with online capabilities and credit card payments able to be accepted.

Snack Shack bulletin board was donated and updated with current events and information.

Introduced payment plans and scholarships to reach a broader scope of the community.

Investing in Our Players: Accomplishments since 2006

Formal All Star Policy was developed and implemented with specific procedures for nomination, tryouts, and coach selection.

Reorganization of Minor Divisons to include "play up option" from 2006 - 2011 to address the one-third of players affected by the league age changes in 2006.

Introduced the "Farm Division"of baseball to facilitate an earlier, but smoother transition into player pitch baseball.

Introduced machine pitch in minor softball to facilitate "in season" pitcher development and a more positive game flow.

Introduced the first ever Alderwood Challenger Team for players with special needs who would otherwise be unable to participate in our baseball or softball programs.