Team Vest will be available for rent. Deposit $25 required.

Team hat, undershirt, & socks will be provided to each player.

Baseball pants and baseball cleats must be worn. (Team managers may recommend uniform colors for pants.) Metal cleats are allowed.

Protective cup is required for all male players.

Junior & Senior League Baseball

Congratulations, your son has just completed his eighth season of Little League Baseball. Beginning at league age 5 in T-Ball and concluding with his 12 year old season in majors on the 60' diamond. So now what?

As you evaluate your next opportunity in Youth Baseball consider that you DO NOT have to leave Little league to continue your baseball experience. Instead, Little League offers the following three additional levels of play (see Registration Basics for age chart.):

  • Intermediate Baseball ages 11, 12 & 13 years old (50/70 program)
  • Junior Baseball ages 13 & 14 years old
  • Senior Baseball ages 15 & 16 years old

Consider the benefits of playing baseball within the Little League Program:

  • Competition
  • Community
  • Affordability
  • Flexibility

Playing on the 90' diamond brings many different aspects of the game into play - it's REAL Baseball!

  • Leading off
  • Hit & Run plays
  • Squeeze plays
  • Pick-off Plays
  • Designated Hitters